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What’s an NFT?
An NFT (Non Fungible Token) is a unique digital item. It is one of the various opportunities blockchain technology offers. An NFT is put on a blockchain and so becomes a unique digital item, with all the possibilities of any other asset.
The blockchain technology is often described as revolutionary as the internet has once been. It is a very fast-moving digital technology that will change almost everything digital we know so far. Blockchains truly are the infrastructure for the new dimension of digitalisation. It will revolutionise many sectors and industries in the future. To read more about blockchain technology, click here. (LINK)
The NFT technology opens up a whole new chapter for art.

How does it work?
A piece of art can be digitalised or created digitally as such and then transcripted (minted) into a hash code using a cryptographic algorithm. This unique code is then attached to a blockchain and so becomes an unalterable part of it. The artwork is now a unique digital item – it became an NFT. This digital asset can be owned, bought, collected, stored and traded like a piece of art in the physical world.

…. but everyone can just copy a digital image, so why should I spend money on it?
No - because what you buy and own with the NFT is the original.
The core attribute of NFT – non fungible – is that it is a unique code and, therefore, can be owned as an asset. Like in the physical world, many people have copies of the Mona Lisa or Klimt’s The Kiss on their walls, but still, the original just exists once. This fact is what creates the paintings’ value. The same happens with an NFT in the digital world. It will be on the blockchain forever. It is impossible to delete. It is also impossible to edit the owners’ history. This enables complete transparency and security in the sense of provenance. Every time there is a new transaction of the particular NFT, the history is written onto its unique hash code.

That was pretty technical and interesting, but ……
Regardless, whether you are already invested into the world of crypto or not, NFTs can be your gateway into a brand-new dimension of collecting art in the 21st century. Here could be your chance for the first step into this fascinating, decentralised digital revolution, that is taking place right now. At the end, curiosity is what drives most art collectors. Taking part in something new is what made Columbus discover the Americas, the New World. Who knows what you might discover in the New World of NFTs?
All it requires to purchase an NFT is a crypto wallet which just takes you some minutes to set up.

That sounds pretty exciting! So, what’s FHMMX?
FHMMX stands for Felix Heinrich in the digital art dimension of the 21st century. It is the brand logo of his NFTs creations.
THE GATE is the first ever created NFT by FH. It is the unique gateway piece into his digital art dimension.
The Art of Felix Heinrich is a journey that started in 2009 when Felix moved his carrier from an investment fund technical architect towards art. He named his art as Architecture Arts as he creates art built on a strong foundation with the background knowledge of architecture. To lean more and see some of Felix‘ Architecture Arts check out felixheinrich.org.

Awesome! Can you tell me more about FHMMX?
FHMMX is the opportunity to follow, collect and contribute to an artist’s development. The spectator is invited to take part in a fascinating journey.
One true reason why art is collected is the possibility to dive into someone else’s mind, often displayed in a visual way as paintings. These enrich its collectors mind and can be, simplified, pictured as watching an exciting TV series (or rather a Netflix series, to stay in the 21st century). You are gripped by the plot and utterly curious as to what comes next. The big difference with art is, however, that the paintings display a direct visualisation of someone else’s mind, insight, reality and thoughts.
In the case of FHMMX NFTs it will be a journey diving into all the different streams of his work. The creation of the unique FHMMX art dimension so could, ultimately, lead to a virtual foundation, museum or fund. In the future, this digital foundation/museum/fund could become the cocoon for Felix Heinrich Architecture Arts. The holders of FHMMX NFTs will be invited to participate, with the metamorphic perspective to create a fungible Token based on the cocoon.

That sounds like a great plan. Is there anything left to say?
You see, there are a variety of possibilities where this journey can lead to. Maybe you got curious - if so, you are invited to participate. Become a part of the team creating the FHMMX cocoon and start collecting. Go for it if FHMMX hits your taste of art, or just see it like any other token you bet on. The NFT art market grows rapidly – here is your chance to participate.
Either way, it will be an exciting journey into a new dimension that we are building together, right now. Your core intention shall always be that you like the art! #stayingstablewithNFT
Investing in FHMMX means filling in gas into the fun FHMXX ART ENGINE.


Additional in-depth information:

Now, tell me more about Felix’ s art:
Once a curator of a museum explained his art like this:
“His paintings are appealing. Whoever gets into these will discover humour as well as one or another political or religious statement. One should take time to view Felix’s paintings. The real intention is rarely caught at first sight. One might be taken by its colourfulness, its motive and just reflect it as pleasant or may be scared off by its provocation. But the one who looks into more deeply might discover not so harmless messages. In order to do this, behind every work there is a concept, that is at the end trying to convey a message, that is beyond the boundaries of spoken word transported with the vehicle of art. Additional over the years he established an experimental side and his work can be positioned as multi-media as he grabs any tool and possibility that serves the project.”

The art journey of FH started as a teenager attending a school with the focus on art. He studied architecture and so earned a Masters of technical science with a diploma focusing on urban planning. He has been an architect for several years before he was working on an investment fund until 2009. Due to the crisis of 2008/2009 he tried painting in acrylics for the first time. Surprised by this, for him, life changing result, he chose to follow that path, which since then led him to an exciting journey of many very unique conceptual exhibitions in public and private museums. His self-financed projects give him the freedom to follow his rules and earn him the title of a “free artist”. His constant development earns the attributes serious as well as funny or critical, but it also aims to drive art forward to discover new fields. The focus on strong concepts is the basis of every project. Additionally, experimental art is an essential stream in his work. Curiosity has always been a core drive of FH’s art.
To get a visual overview on his previous work please visit: felixheinrich.org

Cool stuff – but I’m particularly interested in FHMMX and THE GATE. More on that, please.
As mentioned above, FHMMX is the name and brand of Felix’s NFT-technology based art dimension. FHMMX opens up its spectators a whole universe and invites collectors to become a part of an exciting story.
THE GATE is a unique single piece of art that represents the entrance into FH’s dimension. It presents all of his work streams in one particular piece. Firstly, there is the crypto world as an oceanic habitat containing wales, shrimp and plankton. At the left, there is the Gungirl underneath the mysterious cylinder men’s patch. At the right, the Sprayface beauty is asking for secrecy. At the top, we find the Sculpture at the bottom of a stairway (This might become an NFT where the collector will get the actual, physical sculpture as well, in order to link dimensions.) In addition, there are a bunch of other paintings. Those reminding of galaxies are FH Shootart paintings – they again represent a gate towards another dimension of his art.
If you take a closer look at THE GATE you might be able to guess where the journey of FHMMX will go. It is a visual invitation to dive into a world of art and take part in the fascinating journey – just like with this Netflix series you are hooked at, only with images, imaginations and your own interpretation of the story playing in your mind.

NFT art is an investment in your wealth as it is in your mind. Equivalent to the physical world you can create, collect, own and trade art.
This is not a financial advice: An investment in NFT art is a way of storing value. By purchasing an NFT of your choice it becomes your asset. If you like it, you will not sell it unless someone offers you the price that’s acceptable for you. Collecting NFT art could also be seen as a diversification of your portfolio. The NFT art market grows fast – very fast. It is the new thing.

Constant curiosity is the goal and that’s what it is all about!

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