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FHMMX is the name and brand of Felix’s NFT-technology based art dimension. FHMMX opens up its spectators a whole universe and invites collectors to become a part of an exciting story.

THE GATE is a unique single piece of art that represents the entrance into FH’s dimension. It presents all of his work streams in one particular piece. Firstly, there is the crypto world as an oceanic habitat containing wales, shrimp and plankton. At the left, there is the Gungirl underneath the mysterious cylinder men’s patch. At the right, the Sprayface beauty is asking for secrecy. At the top, we find the Sculpture at the bottom of a stairway (This might become an NFT where the collector will get the actual, physical sculpture as well, in order to link dimensions.) In addition, there are a bunch of other paintings. Those reminding of galaxies are FH Shootart paintings – they again represent a gate towards another dimension of his art.
If you take a closer look at THE GATE you might be able to guess where the journey of FHMMX will go. It is a visual invitation to dive into a world of art and take part in the fascinating journey – just like with this Netflix series you are hooked at, only with images, imaginations and your own interpretation of the story playing in your mind.

15000x8000 PIXEL I 2021 I unique NFT I available @ XXXXX.XXX
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